Who we are

The Basque word “amaiketako” means “elevenses”

Traditionally it was used to describe the mid-morning lunch although with time the meaning has broadened and is also used as a synonym of appetiser or snack.

The best selection

The best selection

In Amaiketako we work day by day to offer the best products, traditionally elaborated by producers who pamper their produce to obtain the best quality.

We select and make them available so you can receive them conveniently in your home or office and prepare a great “amaiketako” (elevenses) quickly and easily. Our brand name is our denomination of origin, our seal of quality.

We are constantly on the move to add new products to our permanent catalogue. We also offer seasonal products, coinciding with the various seasons throughout the year.


The art of enjoying the best, without complications.

For us Amaiketako doesn’t mean just lunch, but a very special moment to enjoy an informal and relaxed meal with friends or family.

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Nuestra historia

Amaiketako was founded in 2015 by Gabriel Benguría, Jose Vergarajauregui and Carlos Lasarte; three intimate friends with very complementary professional profiles who share one great passion - gastronomy.

At the end of 2018, with the aim of expanding the structure to undertake the project of opening the first physical point of sale in San Miguel Market in Madrid, two new members joined Amaiketako, Alejando Merino and Cristobal Mazarrasa, thus making up a multi-disciplinary team of 5 close friends from San Sebastian.

"All our lives we have enjoyed elevenses thanks to the privileged access we had to the best products, so we know what we are talking about and we want to add our grain of culinary sand to society. Day by day we work to search for, select and offer top quality products and at a reasonable price."

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